Amazon's All or Nothing approach to sports content

Tottenham Hotspur have launched a branded store on the e-commerce giant's website that comes at the same time Prime Video launched their newest 'All or Nothing' series.

Yesterday saw the launch of the newest ‘All or Nothing’ series from Amazon Prime, a fly-on-the-wall documentary focused on Tottenham Hotspur and their appointment of new head coach Jose Mourinho. 

The release of the show, as first reported by Sportico, coincides with a special retail partnership between the Amazon and the North London club, who have built their own branded store on the e-commerce giant’s website.

Licensed sports merchandise has not previously been a huge priority for world’s biggest online retailer, but this recent tie-up suggests a new level of interest from Amazon. Perhaps the recent $6.2 billion valuation of sports apparel retailer Fanatics has caught their eye.

While Amazon has launched branded portals for other sports teams in the past, including Bayern Munich and Inter Milan, this deal is significant because it is the first time it has been done alongside related Prime Video content. 

Sportico report that Amazon will use ‘powerful tools’ to convert viewers of the series into consumers on the retail platform. 

As such, the deal represents a new ‘playbook’ for Amazon in aligning its core retail business and its growing sports media arm - which also includes live Premier League football and Thursday Night NFL games. 

Ultimately, through the increased collection of data around consumer’s viewing trends, Amazon will be able to better pitch the right products available within its marketplace to the right customer. 

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