AS Roma: A Forza for Good.

 A social media campaign by AS Roma has helped to locate a seventh missing child. The Italian club, in partnership with different charities, launched its ‘Missing Children’ initiative last summer – and has had some incredible success.

The initiative features the faces and details of missing children alongside AS Roma’s transfer announcements. Consequently, capitalising on the increased engagement across social media platforms during the transfer window.

The most recent child found, a teenage girl, was confirmed by the Serie A side after appearing alongside their deadline day announcement of Chris Smalling. She had also previously featured in the transfer announcement tweets for the arrivals of Borja Mayoral, Marash Kumbulla and Pedro.

In an interview with JOE, Paul Rogers, AS Roma’s Head of Strategy, explained, "Some people might think it's quite strange. But if our goal is to help, the transfer window - when we're getting most traction - is the time to do it.”

He added, "We could tweet out a picture of a missing child at any time of year, but more people are going to see it when it’s linked to a signing."

Companies all wish to engage with an audience (i.e. their customers). However, few could dream of the levels of engagement that sports teams are able to boast with their fans – especially during the transfer window. As such, the ‘Missing Children’ initiative is a wonderful advertisement for the impact that partnerships can have. As well as the good. 

Forza Roma! 

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