Barstool rally the Troopz: The New Era of Sports Media

Omari Coates takes a closer look at the New Era of Sports Media. You can read his full article at The Final Whistle.

Sports media in the modern era has continued to change rapidly with social media personalities becoming a greater force within the space.  Troopz from YouTube channel ArsenalFan TV (AFTV), has recently signed a deal with Barstool Sports. Troopz will be moving to New York to launch his podcast named 'Back Again' where he will be travelling across the USA doing watch-alongs with Arsenal fans in different cities. There is no denying that football has changed over the past several years, specifically from the fans perspective. As mentioned in an article via DigiDay, football clubs are becoming more like media businesses in the modern era. No longer are the results on the pitch the only significant thing to football fans. For Millennials and Generation Z, the entertainment factor is just as important.  There has been a shift from the traditional sponsorship model to content creation and distribution. This of course makes sense, with less people consuming traditional television and instead deciding to watch their favourite shows on Netflix, focusing on digital content creation for the modern fan can pay dividends. Companies such as Bleacher Report and Barstool Sports are focusing on user generated content in order to enhance their brand and value proposition. Both companies do a great job of telling stories which sports fans want to hear. Troopz deal with Barstool Sports could start a greater trend. Sports media companies working with YouTube/Social Media personalities to grow their audience in a specific country or region could soon be the norm. 


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