• Andy Marston

Anthony Joshua: Boxing needs more content creation to get fans hooked

Have you heard of Lauren Price? How about Galal Yafai? If not, then the world heavyweight champion likely has a point.

Photo Source: Matchroom Boxing

During Anthony Joshua's recent interview on Gary Neville’s YouTube channel, ‘The Overlap’, the world heavyweight champion suggested more behind-the-scenes footage of the guys going to the Olympics was needed to change boxing for the better.

“I would introduce more content creation [for young boxers], because what happens is, you don’t want to get to the world championship fight and then announce yourself to the world. You need that journey.”

This is certainly an insight that more and more rights holders are becoming aware of, from Formula 1 to SailGP, audiences crave a narrative that goes beyond the field of play. However, Joshua believes that it is even more important for athletes competing in individual disciplines such as boxing.

“I believe that when you [Gary Neville] joined Manchester United, you joined heritage, you joined a history. But when Anthony Joshua came on the scene, I didn’t have any history, so I had to create that.”

As a result, it’s imperative that a boxer is not only good at fighting, but also at creating content. This is what Joshua believes will help fighters attract sponsorship and funding, as well as help the entire amateur system improve.

A British boxer from Tokyo 2020, who has arguably done this better than his compatriots that won gold -Price and Yafai - is Ben Whittaker. He’s impressed with his talent in the ring, his chirpy personality in post-bout interviews, and his musical talents on YouTube under his stage name B£NZO.

While Whittaker fell just short of gold, in this current day and age, he may be the best set for riches in years to come.