Carlsberg goes Pour to Door

The pandemic has accelerated a trend for consumer brands to create their own D2C channels. Carlsberg is the latest to do so, and hopes to capture the 'at home' sports fans - particularly those from Liverpool.

Carlsberg has recently launched a new direct-to-consumer platform in the UK, called Pour to Door. The move comes as the Danish brewer aims to focus on digital sales in the wake of the pandemic – and continued shutdown of live events.  According to, Carlsberg’s new D2C service will sell beer directly to consumers homes. Carlsberg is Liverpool’s official beer partner. To launch the site, Carlsberg is selling a limited edition ‘Champions Can’ in honour of Liverpool FC’s first English Premier League title in 30 years.   Pour to Door is the latest beverage D2C platform to launch in the UK. Last month, the UK unit of Asahi unveiled an online store for next day delivery for its brands, including Asahi and Peroni Nastro Azzuro, due to a “surge in popularity of online shopping”.  In May, PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay launched an online store in the US for food and beverages called Similarly, Heineken created Beerwulf, a start-up that cuts out the middleman and brings craft beer “straight to the enthusiast”. The D2C model is especially appealing in the new stay-at-home-economy because D2C companies facilitate social connection and create a new form of social currency through their products and services. The popularity may also stem from their ability to sidestep issues stemming from the coronavirus lockdown including supermarket out-of-stocks and oversubscribed home delivery services.  However, there is a good chance that the D2C trend will stay well beyond the pandemic, particularly if brands can find a way to drive purchases from the elusive 'at-home' audiences - as Carlsberg aim to do with their 'Champions Cup'.  💭 (Imagine - A goal is scored, a notification flashes on your phone notifying you to order now for a cold six-pack of beers to reach you by half time... God bless the future). 

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