Chelsea look to new business venture to fuel growth

Chelsea recently released a new sports nutrition service called ‘Blue Fuel’. The subscription-based service incorporates an informed and ‘sport-tested’ product range, including hydration sachets, protein powders, and protein bars with a mobile app that allows users to personalise meal plans. 

The project has utilised the expertise of the football club, in the form of its world-class coaches, sports nutritionists, and players – who are reported to have been involved in testing the products. And will also be used to create unique and engaging content available on the app. 

Blue Fuel is the first innovative product ‘start-up’ to come out of Chelsea Digital Ventures, a digital first business that was spun out of the football club. Chelsea’s chief executive, Guy Laurence, has stated that, “We look forward to announcing new innovative products currently in development that tap into consumer needs across health, sport, and nutrition.” 

Will Chu from Nutra Ingredientsstates that, “It’s a shrewd move from the Blues to harness this (expertise) to create innovative products that are being marketed for wider audience of fitness enthusiasts and team players across all sports.” The example that immediately comes to mind is Barca Universitas (learn morehere). It includes a range of online courses that draw on the expertise of staff across their entire business, from ‘Sports Ticketing’ to ‘Neurobiology and Sports Performance’. 

Blue Fuel provides a blueprint for other clubs to follow when it comes to monetising their assets off-the-field and also in developing themselves more widely as a lifestyle brand. 

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