• Andy Marston

FIFA Sound out new entertainment strategy

Last week FIFA announced the launch of FIFA Sound, a new entertainment strategy designed to create innovative and meaningful connections between football fans, music enthusiasts, players, artists, and the game and songs they all love.

The partnership is part of FIFA’s "Vision to make football truly global, accessible and inclusive," said Jean-François Pathy, FIFA’s Director of Marketing. “The crossover between football and music underscores this wider cultural relevance. Both are universal languages and have the power to create unrivalled emotions,” he continued.

The move follows a growing trend of passion points converging – which continues to manifest elsewhere, too.

For example, Warner Music Group recently made an eight-figure investment in Roblox – which raised $520m in a new series H funding. The popular gaming platform, which is played by over half of US kids under 16, attracted 33m viewers for their Fortnite-esque virtual concert with Lil Nas X’s in November.

2021 will also be the first time that a professional sports league will run a virtual season in conjunction with their ‘real world’ season. That is because the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship has announced that they’ve added an e-sport racing series for this season, called Formula E: Accelerate.

Earlier this week I wrote, The line between sport and entertainment has been blurred for some time, it will soon be gone altogether. This article hopefully provides further evidence for that statement – a statement I believe is very exciting, for rights holders, athletes, artists, and (most importantly) fans.