• Andy Marston

Marketplace launch aims to widen Horizms

Digital assets company Horizm have launched Marketplace, a billion-dollar digital asset matching platform that highlights an immense opportunity to capitalise on new revenue streams.

Photo Source: Horizm

Last week, Horizm launched Marketplace, an AI-powered platform that aggregates digital sports inventory, allowing brands to match their audience needs with the digital assets of rightsholders. To put this into layman’s terms, Horizm has essentially created a digitized matchmaking service that replicates the current purpose of an agency.

For brands, the benefit is the ability to target according to criteria such as audience demographic, geographic, type of industry and budget. For rightsholders, the new platform allows them to unlock new revenues from their existing digital inventory (of which, a collective offering of over $1bn is available on the platform for brands to activate against).

So what? Well, with the traditional revenues of many sports teams hit hard by the pandemic (notwithstanding Manchester United), the opportunity for new, alternative revenue streams, presented in a user-friendly way, would appear to be well-timed. Furthermore, it also coincides with an increasing demand for greater flexibility from brands entering into partnerships with sports teams.

While Horizm’s Marketplace fails to address the more traditional sponsorship assets such as stadium naming rights or a team’s front of shirt, there is certainly momentum growing towards more greatly valuing a rightsholder’s digital assets and use of their IP (which can also be seen from other agencies – look at CSM Sport & Entertainment’s use of Greenroom Digital, for instance).

Ultimately, the launch of Marketplace signals the huge the opportunity currently out there for rightsholders, brands, and agencies alike to capitalise on significant behavioural shifts, particularly the increased time spent watching digital video (which spiked among UK adults during the pandemic at 2.75 hours).