• Andy Marston

Networking with Adam Goodyer, CEO & Founder of Realife Tech

Welcome to the the Sports Pundit Networking Series. For the latest edition, I caught up with Adam Goodyer, CEO of Realife Tech, a company he founded after attending a Robbie Williams concert at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester.

When did your journey (in the sports industry) start? And how did you get to your current role?

My journey in sports started at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, home of Manchester City FC. However it wasn't a match, it was actually at a concert that was happening there. I was the founder of a business that made live recordings of major artists and we were working with Robbie Williams. At that concert, I saw 80,000 with mobile phones and thought,

"Wouldn't it be great if people could use their phones to do everything they needed at any event, buy tickets, get access to the building, buy beers and merchandise."

It was this thought that led to me founding Realife Tech and our journey in sports.

Photo Source: Manchester Evening News

Who inspired this journey? And who continues to inspire you today? Both mine, and Realife's journey, is inspired by our desire to create better real-world experiences for every person through technology. It is our belief that life's richest moments happen when we step outside, from the simplest exchange to a show-stopping event. However, while we're sharing more of ourselves than ever before in the digital world, the technologies we interact with in the real world don’t connect the dots, diminishing the value in every exchange.

Bringing together the data and different technologies that exist in the real world to create better experiences for customers and fans is what continues to drive and inspire us.

Photo Source: Realife Tech

Besides Sports Pundit, where do you look for insight? My belief is that you should look outside of your own industry in order to learn and gather insight. It can be easy to exist in an echo chamber and only compare yourself to those that are like you. This does not lead to progress.

I, therefore, look at what is happening in areas such as retail, education, ecommerce and mobile for a lot of my insight and inspiration.

What trend in the industry most excites you for the future of sports? And why? I'm most excited by contactless technology and mobile payments and the adoption of these technologies across every sports stadium in the world as standard. Events that have occurred following the pandemic have moved to mobile and they have seen happier fans and massively increased revenues. Cash is dead. Paper tickets are dead. And good riddance! Who is an example of someone that is well positioned to take advantage of this trend? Every team, venue and stadium operator is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this and there is no better time than now with how consumer attitudes to mobile technology in the real world have changed following Covid. Those that don't adopt, will be left behind. They will have fans not wanting to attend and will be missing out on millions in additional revenue that cashless generates.

For example, by utilising Realife Tech's platform, Tottenham Hotspur have been able to offer personalised content to fans. This is because the new Spurs Official app can automatically respond to each fan’s location, upcoming matches and the date and time. This means that, for instance, a fan based in London who has a ticket for a match could see relevant travel advice, have quick access to their ticket and interactive way-finding technology so they can find their way around the stadium. Meanwhile a fan checking the app in South Korea could see pre-match news, video, localised sponsors and a countdown to kick-off.

Photo Source: Tottenham Hotspur

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