• Andy Marston

Networking with Denis Green, Head of International PR at Mailman Group

Welcome to the the Sports Pundit Networking Series. The aim is to promote Sports Pundit readers and foster a greater community across the newsletter. For the latest edition, I caught up with Denis Green, Head of International PR at Mailman Group.

When did your journey (in the sports industry) start? And how did you get to your current role?

Having studied Sports Journalism at university, followed by a six-week stint in India at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, working in sports was always my ambition. I then moved my life to China, a country truly like no other, and I’ve never looked back. I worked various writing & editing jobs, studied Chinese in my spare time, then landed a job as the only Westerner (company with 1000+ employees) at a digital sports broadcast platform in Beijing called LeSports. The company grew too quickly, and then collapsed.

I then accepted a role with Mailman Group. I had known about Mailman for many years, and admired the culture and growth. I swapped Beijing for Shanghai and spent a few months working as a consultant, before transitioning into a full-time role where I split my time across client services and PR & brand communications.

Who inspired this journey? And who continues to inspire you today?

I’ve always been self-motivated and willing to try new things, which is what brought me out to China in the first place. I've had university professors, colleagues, mentors, and industry friends that have provided invaluable advice along my journey. Not to mention the unwavering support from my parents.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with some of the most ambitious and entrepreneurial in the industry, none more so than Mailman Group’s CEO, Andrew Collins. His relentless pursuit to improve, innovate and keep winning is second-to-none. Keeps me on my toes.

I continue to learn plenty each day from the geniuses at Mailman and Seven League.

Besides Sports Pundit, where do you look for insight?

That’s tough, there’s a lot out there and it’s not easy finding time to read / listen to them all. Newsletters I’d go for, in no particular order: Front Office Sports, Leaders, Unofficial Partner, Morning Brew, Sportico, Huddle Up, SportBusiness, SportsPro, The Drum, Mailman’s China Sports Business Weekly (shameless plug), iSportConnect, SBJ, and I know I’ve missed some...

Podcasts: Bloomberg’s Business of Sport, Sports Geek, The Athletic, Wake Up To Money, and I’ll say Undr The Cosh just because it’s a great listen.

As for websites, I think I’ve covered most of them already. Sportico has been doing a great job with visuals lately representing the financials in sport, the FT is excellent for in-depth coverage, and not a day goes by that I don’t check in on BBC Sport to see which players Manchester United have been linked with that day.

What trend in the industry most excites you for the future of sports? And why?

What has really impressed me over the past 12 months has been how athletes, organisations, clubs, brands and so on have been using their platforms as a medium to spread key messages and help those in need.

This trend has been elevated to new heights during COVID-19. Athletes have some of the most powerful voices and biggest social followings in the world, and utilised in the right way, can have a huge impact on society for the better. My colleague Lewis Wiltshire wrote a fantastic piece on football's battle with racism, and how athletes and teams can use their platforms to support these causes. I hope, and expect, to see more of this moving forward.

Who do you think is best positioned to take advantage?

I wouldn’t say he is taking advantage, he is doing it because he cares, and no-one has used their platform more powerfully than Marcus Rashford. He has taken this medium in a positive way to the next level. The impact his words and persistence have had on changing government policies, feeding the nation’s children, inspiring all generations. He became a hero during a global pandemic, and he will forever be remembered for his work, and I believe this is just the start of his journey in helping people. Thank you, Marcus!


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