New industries should gamble on La Liga

In Italy, Serie A and B were subject to a blanket ban on any gambling related advertising in 2018. Now Spain has brought in measures of their own. Betting companies sponsoring football shirts have been outlawed from the start of La Liga 2020/21. This means eight teams, including Valencia and Sevilla, suddenly need to find sponsors for next season. 

The ban follows the approval of laws as part of Spain’s “Royal Decree on Advertising” which currently permits a four-hour advertising window for betting companies, but does not authorise any exposure out of the timeframe. In addition to the ban on shirt sponsorships, European Gaming state that 'the new decree will prevent gambling companies from being allowed to sponsor stadium names nor any other aspect associated with the teams'. Due to the changes in legislation, Tribuna report that La Liga clubs are set to lose almost €80m. Similarly, Italian sports leagues reacted to their government’s sudden decision to impose a blanket gambling advertising ban, which will drain €100 million from Serie A. The move effected fewer front-of-shirt partners in Italy, however, it did leave Lazio without a sponsor (which they have yet to replace).  As a result of the ban, some of the top clubs in Spain will be looking for new principle partners for the upcoming season. Given the financial fragility of many clubs post-COVID, these new partners are likely to be welcomed onboard with open arms (and at an extremely competitive price). Making this a fantastic time for new industries to enter into football sponsorship.   👀 Yesterday Osasuna replaced main sponsor Kirolbet with local food brand Verleal

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