Stevenage FC went global - again.

A couple of weeks ago, I scrolled through videos on the D&AD Awards YouTube channel and came across a Case Study. I was intrigued - and I tweeted.

The video re-capped Burger King's sponsorship of Stevenage FC. The campaign was created by award winningDAVID The Agency and the PR completed byFrank.

I know what you're thinking, a burger chain sponsors an English League Two side. What's the big deal? 

It's all about the strategy. 

Burger King clocked that although Stevenage FC compete in League Two, they still feature in the ever-more-popular FIFA video game. One of the world’smost played sports games. As such, Burger King could reach the millions of people globally playing FIFA - interacting with teams, and their kits, each and every day.

The #StevenageChallenge then aimed to turn this small team in the real world into the biggest team online. The Challenge invited FIFA players to play as Stevenage in career mode - share their goals online with a chance to win Burger King prizes.

The results are astounding

  • Most played team in FIFA Career Mode

  • Stevenage FC shirts sold out for the first time in history

  • +25000 goals were shared online

👀 In recent days - the CMO of the Burger King brand,Fernando Machadoalluded to new ideas with the Stevenage FC Women’s team. Therefore, we could see a possible extension to the sponsorship in the works too. Watch this space.

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