Twitch makes first move – and it might already be too late for others to react.

Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch is continuing its push into sports content with the launch of a dedicated sports channel. Having risen to prominence as a platform for video games and eSports content, Twitch has gradually become a key place to watch live sports and content. This has been emphasised recently as Amazon streamed it’s extra allocation of Premier League games on the site for free. 

The newly launched channel will include streams from football clubs, including Arsenal and Real Madrid – with Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain set to follow. Furthermore, it’ll also host all of their existing sports content on the platform, such as NBA, NHL, UFC, and NWSL. 

The movement of clubs and athletes to the platform reflects a shift in the location of their audience. Twitch claims to have 175 million average daily viewers and 1.5 million at any given moment. This audience is largely male (81.5%) and primarily between the ages of 18-34 (55%). As such, Arsenal and Real Madrid will hope that their streams on Twitch will sustain engagement of their existing fan bases (through content and the unique live-chat features) as well as to help them reach new fans.

Between Twitch and Amazon Prime, it is probably not unreasonable to suggest Amazon will become the home of sports content within the next decade (as stated recently by SportsPro Media MD, Nick Meacham). They have built out a home for original sports content (e.g. All or Nothing docu-series’) on Prime, continue to build out their premium live rights portfolio, and now Twitch is providing a platform for sports, leagues, teams, and athletes to build communities from. 

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