UnderArmour looks to shed excess weight

In 2015, Under Armour acquired MyFitnessPal as part of its strategy to become a digitally focused company. The app was added to the sportswear brand’s existing MapMyFitness platform, which also included the acquired MapMyRun and Endomondo. The following year, Under Armour launched ‘Connected Footwear’ – hoping the apps would help to generate further sales.  However, as per The Information, UnderArmour could now be about to part ways with the health and fitness app (as well as the “largest digital health and fitness community in the world.”) as its sales, particularly footwear, have struggled amid tough competition from rivals Nike and Adidas as well as due to the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  Under Armour’s potential move away from MyFitnessPal comes at a time where the at-home fitness market has become more important due to the COVID-19 crisis and closure of gyms. Furthermore, other big names in the athletic apparel space are actually bolstering their digital investments. Lululemon Athletica, for instance, has announced a deal to acquire in-home fitness start up, Mirror, for $500 million - The company is known for its interactive mirror workout platform that features live and on-demand classes.  It will be interesting to see the potential buyers for the MyFitnessPal app. Given it’s focused on calorie tracking, it could be more beneficial to brands in either nutrition or wearables. An increasingly health-conscious and connected society means people are becoming ever more mindful of their activities. Adding a dietary function to a Garmin or Apple Watch could be a next logical step? Maybe?

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