Vikings have a eye for AI

The NFL team has been quick to embrace technology, and there has never been a more important time with fans barred from the US Bank Stadium due to lockdown restrictions.

Last summer, the Vikings became the first team to launch Apple Business Chat through a partnership with Satisfi Labs. The service helped fans to navigate team training camps by allowing them to communicate directly with Vikings staff members with the Messages app.

The team also embraced AR, collaborating with Pepsi to bring souvenir cups to life inside the stadium. The cups had a code which could be scanned with a smart phone to unlock ‘Vikings celebrations’ with the Vikings app. 

Embracing new technology has become increasingly important for the Vikings this year as they seek to retain and extend their link with fans despite them being barred from attending at least the first two home games of the 2020-21 season. 

As such, they have recently announced a new partnership with cloud technology company Selligent, as reported by Sport Industry Group

Selligent’s Marketing Cloud platform will deliver content-led experiences for the Vikings fanbase, leveraging data to uncover fan insights, create new ways to interact with players, and use relevant content to ensure memorable and purposeful touchpoints with the team.

Using the company’s artificial intelligence engine, Selligent Cortex, the Vikings will deliver personalised content to fans based on their activities across channels, and tailor experiences to fans outside of their existing contacts.

It should be expected that fan engagement technology will become increasingly sought after as fans absence from stadiums continues. While engaging fans, it also provides greater opportunity to collect data, which is invaluable to both the rights holder and sponsor when negotiating new commercial partnerships. 

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