Warning: The future of Sport is On-the-line

According to BioMed Central, it is reasonable to assume lockdown has led to reduced levels of physical activity within the general population. This is further supported by the surge in both streaming services and gaming this year. 

A new survey has found the global gaming population is likely to have increased by a net of 4% since the outbreak of Covid-19 and almost 16 million people created accounts for Netflix in the first three months of 2020. 

Even before the outbreak, physical activity was under attack from the ever-increasing selection of different mediums vying to entertain us. This is shown by a study reported in November 2019, that stated ‘Children become less active between age 5 and 11’. This could lead to detrimental health effects – both physically and mentally. 

The question that many sports will be asking is the same: How do we get people back active? The answer, for the Professional Squash Association (PSA) at least, is Munich-based sports technology company Fun With Balls GmbH (FWB). 

FWB, as well as companies such as Zwift, have managed to engage large audiences through the gamification of sport. Conversely, FWB’s International Sports Development Manager, Quentin Patrouillard has called it the ‘sportification’ of gaming. 

Regardless of which way round you see it. The conclusion is the same. We, as human beings, have never had more channels competing for our attention. If sport wishes to keep it, it needs to innovate, fast. The best way to do this – make it ‘fun’. 

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